SoftApp adds a Teams direct routing auto-provisioning tool to her The Voice of O365 cloud offering.

Amersfoort – the Netherlands, June 14th 2022. SoftApp is expanding her cloud service The Voice of O365 – empowering Microsoft 365 users and her organizations to use Microsoft Teams as a full-fledged PBX in the cloud – with a Teams direct routing auto-provisioning tool, enabling business partners to deploy Teams telephony with 100% certainty!

The Teams direct routing auto-provisioning tool gives business partners the ability to efficiently provision Microsoft Teams Phone in the Microsoft 365 tenant of their customer in 6 simple, logical steps and under 15 minutes without any in-depth technical know-how (a.o. PowerShell).

The auto-provisioning tool also offers the assignment / allocation of Teams Phone Standard licenses, Virtual Teams Phone Standard licenses (Call Queues, Call Menus) and new or existing telephone numbers.

Is the above process completed then an administrator will get the option to pair (provision) one or multiple sip trunks – The Voice of O365 is telco independent –  in 3 logical steps. Or connect to an existing ‘on-prem’ or cloud PBX using our sip-user registration option that allows for a hybrid configuration.

‘The aim of our auto-provisioning tool is, to take the complexity out of the equation, to maximize efficiency and the ability to deliver a 100% correct working Teams telephony environment.’ say’s Jeroen Andre de la Porte – CEO of SoftApp.

The Teams direct routing provisioning tool is part of self-service portal of the Voice of O365.

About SoftApp
SoftApp – headquartered in Amersfoort – the Netherlands, is an international Teams direct routing cloud service provider offering solutions that enable small, medium and large enterprise organizations to use Microsoft 365 as fully fledged PBX in the cloud. SoftApp sells her solutions via international business partners, under the brand name: The Voice of O365.

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