SoftApp adds a Teams direct routing SBC-as-a-Service to its The Voice of O365 cloud offering

Amersfoort – Netherlands, March 7, 2022. SoftApp is expanding its cloud service The Voice of O365 – which allows Microsoft 365 users and its organizations to deploy Microsoft Teams as a full-fledged PBX in the cloud – with a Teams direct routing SBC-as-a-Service proposition.

With this Teams direct routing SBC-as-a-Service module, business partners can quickly and efficiently create their own Teams direct routing proposition or properly serve large enterprise customers who ‘require’ the Teams direct routing SBC to be dedicated.

The reason business partners choose this solution is easy to explain explains Jeroen André de la Porte, CEO of SoftApp. ‘The business partner does not want to ‘overload’ its internal organization with, for example, specific and periodic SBC service and ‘maintenance’ jobs and/or the business partner wants to use our self-service portal, which contains both a marketplace and a unique Teams admin tenant provisioning tool, so it can go to market in record time.

In order to serve the business partner as correctly as possible, she offers the choice to buy the AudioCodes SBC, to rent it or she can provide SoftApp with the session licenses. The SBC(s) are deployed on virtual machines in the SoftApp Azure environment and configured based on SoftApp’s configuration for Teams direct routing and AudioCodes know-how, with x or y sip-trunk configurations, including ‘special’ requirements.

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