SoftApp adds a native to Teams Contact Center solution to her The Voice of O365 cloud offering.

SoftApp is expanding her cloud service The Voice of O365 – which allows Microsoft 365/Office 365 users and her organizations to deploy Microsoft Teams as a full-fledged PBX in the cloud – with a unique ‘native’ to Teams Contact Center solution, facilitating the ability to streamline incoming calls.

Core Interact – a ‘native’ to Teams Contact Center solution, is a unique cloud-based application especially created for businesses (SMEs + Corporations) that have a sales department, helpdesk or information desk. One central point in the company from which customer contacts are managed.

Core Interact – built on the Microsoft Bot Framework and deployed in Azure – was designed from the ground up:

  • with the Microsoft Teams | Office 365 client as a starting point
  • providing sufficient ‘queue’ functionality
  • integration with CRM | ERP (Dynamics 365 and other xRM) applications
  • user convenience for the ‘agent’
  • simplicity

and facilitates the ability to be reachable in ‘a correct manner’ using your preferred communications channels.

The Core Interact application comes standard with unlimited number of Call Queues, Auto Attendants, a Graphical Workflow Builder, offers a fully featured reporting module (CSV & Power BI), and is served via an online easy to use web-based control panel or by using the Teams client.

‘Core Interact leverages the Graph APIs and Cloud Communication APIs for a smooth integration with Teams. In essence, the cloud service ‘talks’ directly to Teams and is ‘connected’ to the Microsoft 365 tenant’. Says Jeroen Andre de la Porte – CEO of SoftApp.

‘Microsoft Teams remains ‘in charge’ of all call control functionality initiated by or sent to CoreInteract. So the Teams client is the primary call endpoint for the agents and no additional desktop software is required’.

Cor Interact is available in The Voice of O365 market place as well as the StreamOne Marketplace of our valued international distributor TechData.

About SoftApp

SoftApp – headquartered in Amersfoort – the Netherlands, is an international cloud service provider of cutting edge Unified Communications and Collaboration solution that enable small, medium and large enterprise organizations to use Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Office 365 as fully fledged PBX in the cloud. SoftApp sells her solutions via business partners under the brand name; The Voice of O365.

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